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Referring Veterinarians
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Referral Information

  • Please fill out the referral form found here and fax it to us at 727-787-5390 or email it to us at This must be filled out prior to your client booking an appointment with us.

  • All referral forms must be sent at least 24 hours before the scheduled procedure.

  • The results of the scan will be sent directly to you, and therefore you will be the point of contact for results for your client.

  • The size of the patient and the area that needs to be scanned are vital to determining the amount of stacks needed for the CT and as well as the cost to your client.

Important Information for You and Your Clients

          The preparation required for this procedure is similar to other surgical procedures. Since the patient must be placed under anesthesia and will be out for the duration of the scan, bloodwork must be done within three to seven days prior to the procedure. If bloodwork is not done or you would like us to run bloodwork, the patient will have to arrive an hour prior to their appointment to have it completed.  If the bloodwork is unsatisfactory, the appointment will have to be rescheduled. The patient will remain on IV fluids two hours after the procedure to flush out the contrast from the body.  

         If a case is urgent and you need the results promptly, you can request a STAT report.  The STAT report ensures you get the results of the scan within 4 hours of completion.  These do come with an additional cost to your client which will be provided on the estimate. We send all of our reports to Peregrine Radiology in which their entire team is made up of board certified radiologists.  

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