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Computed Tomography  (CT)

          Computed Tomography (CT) creates images of selected anatomy by obtaining data through scans. Once the scan is complete, the data is seamlessly pieced together to create an accurate image of the study area. This enables visualization of conditions or disease processes that may not be noted with traditional imaging.

Advantages to Vimago CT

10x resolution of a traditional CT

Provides 3D reconstruction of anatomy

Completion of full rotation in under 30 seconds minimizes anesthesia time

What can a CT be used to evaluate?

Skull Trauma

Nasal/Sinus Disease

Thoracic and Abdominal Masses

Thoracic Metastasis

Orthopedic Conditions and Diseases

  • A referral from your regular veterinarian is required before booking.

  • Please have bloodwork done at your regular veterinarian 3-7 days prior (otherwise we will have to run bloodwork here).

  • Have your regular veterinarian fill out our form located on our website.

  • The results of the CT scan will be sent directly to your regular veterinarian. They will contact you once the results have been received.

  • Fast your animal for 12 hours prior to coming in for your appointment. Your pet can have water up to two hours before your appointment.

  • After the procedure, your pet will be monitored for 2 hours on IV fluids.

  • Please fill out the anesthesia release form below.

Important information before booking

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