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The AA Difference
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The AA Brand: Earning Trust for over 15 years 

Over 100 veterinary clinics from across the Tampa Bay area refer to AA Animal ER for after-hour emergencies.  AA Animal Imaging provides the same exemplary medicine and compassion.

Why choose us?

Cost Effectiveness

Our experienced medical team provides tailored care for each patient during their imaging appointment. Our competitively priced CT scans make advanced imaging accessible for more informed diagnostics for the family veterinarian.

STAT Reports

For urgent cases, we have the availability to receive results  within four hours. Find out more about how STAT reports work.

Patient Retention

With AA Animal Imaging, referring veterinarians retain their relationship with patients and clients. After advanced imaging is completed, referring doctors receive their patient's radiology report and discuss results directly with their client.

 Top view, a beagle dog working with a blank screen notebook computer on a blue wooden bac

HDVI Technology

High Definition Volumetric Imaging (HDVI) has made major strides in innovation for Computed Tomography. This technology has made it possible for the computer to depict the anatomy exactly as it is represented. This provides the veterinarian with a highly accurate image that cannot be achieved in standard CT's in which the computer must extrapolate data. Not only does HDVI provide a more accurate image of the patient, it creates a clearer image through gapless data.

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